Naomi's first Christmas

Dear Naomi,
You were surrounded with love and with light.  It all seemed to happen so fast and as a father, trying to soak in every moment of what was your first Christmas with the family was as challenging as it was trying to capture everything I could with the camera.  It was amazing to see you absorbing everything.  You waved and smiled at everyone, instantly warming hearts.  You have that special something Naomi.  That special something that can't be captured on video or through a picture or written out in words.  You have a way of making our days and our lives that much brighter.  The best gift we all could have received this year was the time that was spent with you.  Watching you take some of your first steps in front of everyone not only caught your Mom and I by surprise, but literally was like watching another one of your little miracles unfolding before our eyes.  I was so happy that so many of our loved ones were there to witness it.  I know I will never manage to capture the magic that is you in these videos, but I hope that one day, when you look back at this and see this, that you recognize how much love you have been surrounded with since day one and also how much happiness and joy you bring into the world around you.  Thank you for making this the best Christmas ever for us and I can't wait for all the many more to come.