two of my loves

A visit from Great Grandma

It makes me emotional. Seeing these three together. Separated by generations, two new lives taking form before my eyes which would not be possible without the life that has already been shaped by my Grandmother. It's such an amazing thing to think about how she has raised four sisters on her own - haven lost one tragically too soon. If only she knew the influence she's had on me to do my best to raise these two little woman in the making. After all, what a sweet lullaby to had been raised by woman, non stronger than she, and in turn, being given the chance to raise two of my own. I am overwhelmed with feelings seeing these three together.

the magic hour

I love the memories we are forming in the backyard.  Summer eves are magic to me not just because of the warm breeze and orange sky that lasts into the night, but because the memories that we are making are just that.....magic.

Mila & Mama

Super Naomi

Part of a little series I plan on creating for the girls.  I have to make Mila next, followed by Olive and Qtip :)