My tribe :)

I've spent the past three weeks experiencing our newborn baby girl Mila's first days of life.  My wife and I, hand in hand, along with my first daughter Naomi, and two pups Olive and Qtip - well, we are all in this together.  Had somebody told me that at some point in my adult life I would be providing and caring for a beautiful family of two miraculous daughters, an amazing wife, and two scruffy dogs back when I was a young man of 21 years of age without an ounce of direction or hope, I probably would of thought that person was just raining a little sunshine on a young man in need of it.  I am 38 years young now - on the eve of my 39 birthday which is just around the corner.  In the enlightenment's that I have been fortunate to experience in my still maturing life, none have shed more light than the following....

Always choose love and happiness.  

Exude compassion for all life.

And maybe most important of all, hold sacred to you those which you share your experience with.

Thank you Mila for sharing your first experiences with me and enriching the life of our family.

Welcome to the tribe :)