5 Year Anniversary

As many of you already know, I'm not shy about expressing my feelings.  After all, I have a lot to be thankful for - an amazing wife, a beautiful daughter, and another little one on the way.  And if I can't come out and express to the world the feelings I share for these things, then what would be the point about expressing any feelings at all?  I made this little video card for you Nadia.  And yes it makes me a little shy to share - I'm usually behind the camera :).  But you have given me so much over the years, that a moment of a little romantic embarrassment is a small price to pay for expressing how much you mean to me. My beard is a little whiter these days. My head a little balder. My face a little more worn. And I don't quite wear my clothes as nicely as I once did.  But my heart has never been larger.  My love for you never stronger.  Happy Anniversary :)

And remember, even though Naomi and our little one on the way are my sunshine, there would never be any sunshine without a sun.  Thank you for being my sun.