Naomi's words

It's practically impossible to get all of Naomi's new talking on camera since it's so spontaneous and half the time she disputes whenever I get the camera out these days, but I'm thinking of starting a new kind of post - one that showcases all of Naomi's vocabulary as it evolves.  I'll start with some off the top of my head which happen to be some of my favorites, but let me just say, you really have to hear these little tidbits to see just how charming and adorable it is.  But with that said, here are just a few :)

"Papa, come hear." -----usually as soon as I walk through the door from work 

"Papa, sit." --------usually the next thing she says after the above :)

"You cook." -----sometimes she says this to me, sometimes to Mama

"You go there." -----same as above

"No Papa." ----- I hear this a lot

"Olive no." ------- Olive hear's this a lot

"Milk?" ------ her first word every morning.

"Yeah!" ----this one is the sweetest thing 

"I love you." -------- heart melt

"I missed you." ------- heart melt

"Q-tip's funny." ------- She likes to call anybody funny, but especially Qtip

"Calling Babush." ------ sometimes she has spontaneous conversations with Babush.

"Babush?" -------anytime we receive a package in the mail

"Deda?" -------anytime we receive a package in the mail

"It's cute." -------anything tiny

"Toys." ------ usually her second word of the day after "milk"

"I'm cozy." ----when she cuddles up

"Naomi relaxing." ------when she cuddles up

"I like it." -----so cute when she says this.  It's so genuine.

"This one's my favorite."  ------a new one from today.  We asked her which one was her favorite rock out of a bunch she had.  She went on to say each one was her favorite - one by one.

"Not safe!" --------first time we heard this one was during her first Fourth of July fireworks

"Ocean!" ------- as she runs through the water as the beach

"I'm tired." ------- Yup, even toddlers get tired

"Big fun!" ------- when she runs at the beach

"Fun" ------ Usually when we do her favorite stuff, or introduce her to something new that she enjoys.

"Baby?" -----when she hears a song that remembers us playing when she was a baby.  This was is always so amazing to hear her remember those early days.

"I did it!" ----- whenever she does something for the first time or does something she's proud to show us.

"I don't want to." ------ oh yes, we hear this one a lot

and lastly one of my all time favorites,

"Naomi?" ----- pretty much any time she wants to do/want whatever she sees someone else doing.  


I'll be sure to add many, many more as they come :)