The Second Year... Happy Birthday Sunshine

Today my little Naomi turns 2 years old. I’ve spent the past two years sharing an experience with my wife Nadia that is hard to put into words - a shared feeling of amazement watching her grow. In that time, I’ve learned so much about life. Not just a perspective change, but an awareness change. You develop this lens that captures your world differently. Suddenly colors are more vibrant, sounds are more clear, the sun just that much warmer. It’s as if life grants you this second chance at experiencing all the things that make this world miraculous. One morning you wake up, and your baby girl is not a baby anymore. She’s this little person, full of curious spirit for the world around her, looking to me and all the people who love her to share in her world. What an amazing privilege for every parent. For this I will forever be grateful to my little Naomi and my wife. Happy Birthday sunshine. Thank you for two amazing years and for the lifetime of birthdays to come.   -Papa