Mila Hope Ellison

I've been here before.  The first time was the birth of our darling Naomi.  The contrast between the two very apparent.  Naomi's birth was almost serene you could say - everything working our smooth as can be.  For baby Mila, Nadia had to put in a truly heroic effort.  No epidural, not even a doctor to arrive on time, only a brave mother, a willing nurse and a strong baby.  The result... Our baby Mila - born on 12-23-14 at approximately 12:23pm.  Everything happened in a blur.  There were tears.  There was panic.  There was laughter.  And most importantly, there was a healthy baby feeling the embrace of her mother for the first time.  At the end of this 41 week journey, one thing is remembered - a solemn thought that I shared back on March 12 of 2012.  A thought that perhaps only a proud husband and father can sentimentalize with... My wife was and always will be, my hero.