A portrait of Naomi, once a week, every week, in 2014

- she loves to play in the guest room's bed, putting all her little friends to nap. -

Some of you may remember that there were earlier posts in the blog that were titled something like this - "2/52".  Those posts were for contributions to another blog that Nadia found where people were submitting one portrait a week for 52 weeks of their child.  There were many participants and I even had my first submission that I entered acknowledged by the blog owner and mentioned in the following weeks post :).  But as the weeks past and my days became more busy, I wasn't always able to get a picture submitted for our little Naomi.  This year however, I want to do this, but I will only post on our blog so there is no pressure to feel that I missed a deadline somewhere else.  I will be prompt, and always have a portrait every week, and it will be fun to see the progression as the year goes by.  So here is my first entry.  This photo was taken at or around New Years.  I hope you look forward to each week's portrait!