bye-bye to 2013

What a year!  Many big events this year for our little family.  The most significant?  Mama leaving work to stay home with Naomi and take on the challenge of a full-time Mama.  We bought our first home!  And we are finally starting to settle in :).  I definitely need to make a post about it.  I've made more strides in my career and of course, our little Naomi has flourished into toddler-hood.  A big year indeed.  We always try to meet the year's end and beginning at our favorite place - the beach.  This year's visit was a little more special since it's our first time really seeing Naomi take part in the festive tradition.  We have a lot to look forward to in 2014.  Naomi turns 2 in literally 3 months!  And both Nadia and I have big plans both individually and as a team.  I love the renewed sense of self that this time of year brings.