Father's Day

Although I don't know my biological father, and my last memories of him were from a visit I took to Venezuela when I was around 12 years old, I know that he loved me then as I know that I am in his thoughts to this day and loves me now.  I understand that life serves us all many challenges.  Sometimes those challenges Keep people apart.  Sometimes those challenges steer our lives in different directions.  But life also has it's way of bringing people into your path, even if it's just to walk with you for a short while.  In my younger years, my step father served as my example of what a man was.  There was the good, and of course there was the bad, all of which I remember, and the things I did not understand then, I grew to understand now.  I think of both these men every day.  Later in life, I was introduced to my future father-in-law.  I've never really told him so, but as I have my entire life, the men who have either entered or exited along the way, I have loved each of them for different reasons, and from him I have adopted inspiration and a much needed example of what a hard working father is.  I have never to this day held a grudge for those whom have left, and I have taken from each and every one of them bits and pieces that somehow have helped shape me into the man I am today.  So today on father's day, I offer my love to all of you,  I offer re-assuremence that I took from all of you every bit of love you had to offer me and I've also learned from the examples, good and bad that you shared with me.  I have grown to be a good man, and I have learned to be the best father I can be.