a couple of firsts

That's right!  Baby Naomi experienced her first bike ride and her first swim.  These are two things I have been anxiously awaiting, and now that they are done and checked off the list of firsts, I can tell you that they were every bit the magic that I thought they would be.  Naomi handled the bike as if she was ready to drive it herself and her first dip in the pool was met with curiosity and waves to the other children swimming as she entered the pool with me for her first drift in the warm water.  Grandpa Tolik and Grandma Alla were in town to witness the first swim, and Grandpa definitely was eager to join in on the festivities.  We all enjoyed turns with Naomi in the pool as she trustingly let us gently sway her from side to side as we paced the length of the pool.  You could sense her body fall into a slow calm once she understood that this big thing of water was a good and fun thing, and something she can look forward to.  Man, what a feeling it was to carry her in.  I can only imagine what it will be like to take her into the ocean for the first time.  As for the biking, let's just say that she was in perfect form and rode like a champ.  Looking forward to getting out there again with her soon.  Maybe it's time to get that beach cruiser that Mama has been wanting for so long.