Naomi's 1st birthday celebration

Dear Naomi,

I swear you knew that all this was for you. It's amazing to me how a little, one year old bundle of joy such as yourself was able to own her party the way you did. You were without a doubt enjoying every moment. Having your party at Aiden's Place, the park you've spent so much of your first year of life at, seemed beyond fitting to us.  With the help of Grandpa Tolik and Grandma Alla, we were able to pull off a little miracle in getting everything set up, but it wasn't without it's hiccups. But all the little challenges of bringing your party to life soon withered away as people began to show up to celebrate you.  

As your parents, it was a very emotional day for us.  Happy emotions mixed in with a little bit of sad.  Kind of hard to explain, but I guess seeing you grow up so fast and becoming such a beautiful little person before our eyes, houses many feelings. Feelings of joy for seeing you blossom fiercely and full of life, and feelings of sadness for saying good bye to days where helping you lay on your stomach, or bouncing you to sleep are far gone.  I remember so vividly as if it was yesterday bringing you home for the first time and watching your eyes take in your new environment.  Watching you put together all the pieces of what makes up your home was and is something I will never forget.  Now, you literally are walking through the house knowing each and every turn.  You come and greet me in the morning all on your own as I prepare your breakfast and tug on my leg so that I give you a little taste of what Papa is cooking.  It's amazing.

Yes, that's the cupcake tower and cake falling down :)

You are surrounded by love Naomi.  And on your big day, many faces filled with smiles showered you with great energy that you soaked right in.  And as we made our wishes for you and sent them flying off into the sky like a balloon adrift on a journey into the future, we quietly reflect on the journey that this little family has taken already.  It was a wonderful day.