the first year - a very special birthday

Dear Naomi,

Today we celebrate your very first trip around the sun.  Today you turn 1 year old.  It's almost unreal to think that an entire year has passed.  It's been a year filled with so many feelings and emotions, above all, love.

I wish someone had told me how wrong I would be.  Wrong in thinking that I would be taking you on a journey, holding you close in my safe harbor as I usher you through your first year of life.  I wish I was told that in fact it would be you that would be holding my hand, showing me what life is actually all about.  

I wish someone had prepared me.  Prepared me for how endlessly I would fall deeper in love with you mother.  Watching her raise you is the most amazing thing I could ever witness her do.

No words can truly express how grateful and humbled I have been for the past year.  All I can say is that I hope you never stop holding my hand baby Naomi.  I hope that I am being a good Papa for you.  Thank you for making happiness not a choice, but a constant.

Happy birthday my love!