"A portrait of Naomi, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Stillness in motion.  There seems to be no better calm for her than in her mothers embrace.

So Nadia came across a really great blog, Che and Fidel, which is a lovely and inspiring blog created by a very talented woman and mother of two, named Jodi.  She started a project which last year she kindly opened to her readers to join in if they desired to do so.  The project is called '52, a portrait a week'.  Here is a link to this year's week 1 submissions. Nadia thought it would be great to include portraits of our baby Naomi which got me very excited.  Upon reading Jodi's blog I immediately darted for the computer to find an image taken in the first week of the year to represent a portrait for Naomi, followed by a photo of her for the second week.  The first week's submissions are closed, but I'll post this one for us to enjoy.  I absolutely love this idea and found it truly inspiring to see so many other loving parents that have created so many amazing blogs for their children.  Makes me feel even prouder to know that we haven't skipped a beat for Naomi and that she will have such a special archive of her life.  I am also excited at the prospect of being able to push my photography further and hopefully capture some amazing shots of Naomi in the process.