happy 10 Months!

Dear Naomi,

You are officially out of single digit months.  It's a tremendously happy moment for us, but also a bit sad to see how fast everything is moving.  Our little baby is almost no more, as it seems everyday that you become more and more this wonderful little girl that is running wild with her imagination.  And although every stage of this journey is cherished by us, we also can't help but feel sad to see the days of yesterday pass us.  Our memories are already filled with so many magical days from the past 10 months.

Month 10 has been quite the landmark.  You are on the brink of walking!  The excitement that you show when you are bracing yourself to step forward on your own is beyond inspiring.  To be more exact, it melts our hearts with so much love for you.  You even now say 'Mama' and 'Papa'.  Sometimes it might be more of an exercise in your vocals, but I swear sometimes you are calling for us with those exact words.  

To celebrate your 10 months we decided to take you to the zoo for the very first time where you also had your first carousel ride.  It's never too early to have you experience the beauty of all life and it's different shapes and sizes and even though we wish we were visiting all these animals in the wild, we are thankful that they are here for us to learn more about them.  I think it's safe to say you made a couple of furry friends today.  We don't know what the next couple months have in store for us, but we will soak in every shining moment that you have to offer us.  Even though you are coasting into toddlerhood, for the moment you are still our baby Naomi.