Thank you for the patience

Dear Naomi,

We've been a busy little family these past few weeks haven't we?  So much so, that Mama and Papa sometimes find it hard to catch up on all that life puts on our daily plate.  Even as dedicated as we are to our routine, we still find it a challenge to get everything to fall into place the way we would like it all the time.  Some days we look like seasoned professionals, covering every last detail with perfect precision, and other days we just run around crazy in every direction trying to keep things afloat.  But make no mistake Naomi, smooth day or not, they are all filled with laughter and love.  I just wanted to thank you for showing us so much patience when you see us running around trying to prepare your bath or warm your food or prep the nursery for night time.  On the days that are rougher than others, I always feel like you have a way of reminding us that as long as we are all together, the little details really don't matter.