Happy 6 Months Naomi!


Dear Naomi

We know that we will have so many milestones to experience and share.  In these early days, which are flying by way too quickly, we've seen you have so many firsts.  First smiles, first laughs, first swings.  First conversations, first walks, first rolls.  Pretty soon you will be crawling!  Before you know it you will be walking!  I can't even comprehend sometimes the joy I feel at thought of these days that are soon to come.  Each and every one is so special, but I look at today in it's own unique light.  It's special and unique because I want to not just celebrate all the many joys that encompass everything that you are, but I also want to celebrate that your Mom and I have fell into the role of being your parents not just with every ounce of our love, but also with every bit of intent to be the best possible parents we can be.  I am proud of us.  I am so very proud of you.  I am proud of this little unit we call home and that we call family.  Truth is, we have grown just as much as you have the past 6 months.  We shared in every moment with you....every single beautiful moment you have given us - and yes, every single tough moment too :).  But in the end, what touches me the most is seeing how we all have grown to be this little family.  And just as much as I like to think we have helped you succeed in your first 6 months of life, I can't help but feel like it was you who was really helping us, by bringing so much love and joy into our lives.  

Happy 6 months baby Naomi!  I can't wait to celebrate your first full year....actually, yes.  I can wait.  I just want everything to slow down so we can soak in every day with you just the way you are.  


Mama and Papa love you so much.