Grandma Kat & Cousin Ashley come to town

Dear Naomi,

Last weekend we have the chance to host your Grandma Kat, and for you also to meet your cousin Ashley for the very first time.  You are quite literally a different baby from the last time Grandma has seen you.  This time around, you showed off how observant you are and you let your spirit shine for us all to see.  Grandma said she saw glimpses of your Papa in you.  That always a nice thing to hear.  I for one see myself and a whole lot of Mama too.  But really, what we all can see more than anything, is that you are quite literally forming into you.....Naomi :).

Ashley is your lively and spirited cousin who has just been dying to finally meet you.  She didn't hesitate to make your acquaintance and the two of you hit it off just like I knew you would.  Ashley is getting ready for a big new chapter in her life, as she prepares to leave for college literally in just a few days.  We are so happy that she had an opportunity to see you as you are now - a beautiful little baby.  We are very proud of Ashley and all that she's aspiring for and it so fascinating for me to see the two of you hitting such important milestones in each of your lives.  You inching towards your first baby steps with each roll and tumble you take, and Ashley just starting to hit her stride.  Always forward Naomi, always forward.

A special thanks definitely has to be made to Grandma for making this trip happen so that Ashley could come see you.  A parting gift before she's off to college.  We all got out, enjoyed the weather and had a nice time out on town.  Nothing better than sunshine and people you love to spend a day with.  Olive & Q also had their fun at the dog park and being spoiled by Kat and Ashley.

We thank Grandma Kat and Ashley for making the trip down here and for spending such a nice weekend with us.  And thank you Naomi for helping us be good hosts.