The First Swings

Dear Naomi,

The air is usually saturated with the lush sound of the children playing, the trees whispering and the breeze rushing by.  The energy is young, as if discovering it's youth for the first time.  Children are lost in their imaginations as they dance through the playground structures.  You always pay close attention.  And we always pay close attention to you.  Your energy is the youngest of all.  Waiting patiently.  Waiting to spread your wings and get lost in your imagination.  Watching you take these first flights as you spread your imaginary wings only brings a warm smile to my face as I reminisce of days long past.  Days of my childhood.  And although you have just begun, you soar through the air like a natural, gracing us with your smile as it shines through the trees and the sun smiling right back at you.  Take flight baby Naomi.  I can't wait for you to show us all the places your imagination takes you.