Happy 5 Months!

 Dear Naomi,

Another month has passed!  You are 5 months old today.   We grow prouder and prouder of you every single day.  What can I say about month 5?  For starters, you have literally blossomed.  You conversate regularly - about what I can only imagine to myself, but whatever the topic you choose, it is irresistable to anyone to not participate.  Sleep.  You sleep quite nicely when you want.  And although this is definitey a work in progress, Papa has no problem visiting you throughout the night as many times as you like, but it's much appreciated when you take it easy on me.  Mama, see's the rougher side of sleep time with the daytime naps.  Although you like your naps, we never know when you are going to hibernate for a couple hours, or just take a quick beauty rest of 30 minutes, and sometimes we can get you to sleep in 15 minutes, and other times an hour.  And although we take turns, Mama definitely hold the crown for the magic touch in month 5.  The routine has become quite familiar now for all of us.  I think we have a nice thing going.  You've picked up on all the patterns and seem to know everything that's up next - especially when it's time to eat :).  Your brows have started to come in and with the little bit of hair you have, we are starting to get a glimpse of a little bit of curliness when your hair is wet in the bath.  You've now started to reach for things and have no problem snatching up the toy that's in your sights.  You love to roll and even practice your crawl.  It will literally be no time before you are running all over the place.  

Nadia and I talk often about how fast the days pass and how quickly this adventure is unfolding.  We don't take any day for granted and we definitely milk every second of the day that we have with you.  We only can imagine all the wonderful days yet to come and all the smiles and laugther yet to recieve.  It's crazy to think that you will be 6 months old very, very soon.  Thank you baby.  Thank you for all that you have given us in this amazing 5 months.  Our lives are filled with so much sunshine because of you.