A Mother's love, a strong foundation

Dear Nadia,

Those of us who have seen the kind of Mother you are, know first hand just how loving and caring you are, and also all that you have put into educating yourself on all things babies. From learning about the pregnancy, to learning about how to best care for an infant and baby, no one can dispute all the effort you have put forth in giving our little Naomi the strongest foundation that she could possibly have. It's amazing for me to learn through you just how valuable and important so many things are to setting up your baby with the kind of environment, care and interaction she needs in order to help her develop in a very natural and tremendous way. I have not only seen Naomi make leaps and bounds in her daily growth, but I have also witnessed how her development has translated into such an amazing little person right before our eyes. Seeing how she has the kind of friendly structure that helps her have the nourishment and engagement that a baby needs just serves as another example of the amazing job you have done in raising this beautiful soul. Now I know there are many variables involved. I know that our little angel won't just be a product of what we do for her - I know that she has choices in this too :), but I also know that we are holding true to our promise. We are holding true to our conversations that we used to have while we daydreamed on a beach or discussed over a nice dinner and some wine. We are holding true to the idea that we always held strong in our heads of the type of people we can be some day. We are becoming the parents that we set out to be. Thank you for leading the way.