Grandpa Tolik & Grandma Alla come to town

Dear Naomi,

One of the hardest things that we all have to cope with right now is dealing with the distance between us.  Grandpa Tolik and Grandma Alla were so anxious to see you again that what was supposed to be a plane ride for Grandpa, ended up being a 6 hour car ride so that Grandma Alla can come along.  After all Naomi what's better than having one grandparent visit you?  Two grandparents :).  

The one thing that we can all collectively say is how much and how quickly you are growing and changing.  If that is so clear to me and your Mama who spend everyday with you, imagine how that feeling is for our family that sees you with extended time in between?  They were absolutely in heaven with you Naomi.  Grandpa soaked in every moment (almost hogging you to himself), but Grandma made sure to not let him have all the fun.  We all enjoyed taking turns dancing with you and listening to you sing along to your favorite songs.    

Tolik finally had his wish come true with the chance to bottle feed you.  We also enjoyed the beautiful weather and some a great walk on Ocean Ave.  It was a great visit as always and we can't wait for the next one.