A Welcoming Smile

There are times when I wish I had my camera in hand so that I can capture the beauty in front of me. Often times, I have to settle for the natural shutter that are my own eyes and store these images away in the album of life that is my memories. Yesterday was such a moment as I walked through the door as I arrived early from work. I found Nadia and Naomi sharing a moment in time together as they danced away in the nursery. They were one. They were together. They were perfect. By the time they noticed I was watching, I had just enough to keep with me forever what was a magical moment. Nadia turned to me and gave me a startled, but happy look, thrilled that I was home to share in the moment and Naomi turned her head and noticed Papa. The smile that Naomi offered me was something I will never forget. Her acknowledgement of me was so genuine and so loving. It was nothing short of the truth. It was everything to me at that moment, keeping me present, keeping me open. How did I find these two beautiful souls? Or should I be asking, how did these two beautiful souls find me? I guess all that matters is that we all found eachother.