Happy 4 Months!

What can I say about the last month?  Well let's see.  Naomi is quite literally a different little baby.  I mean that of course in the best possible way.  But seriously, we were witness (and continue to be) to some monumental developments.  Naomi has become quite the little chatter bug, and is fully aware of her surroundings.  She loves a nice conversation, or even a heated debate.  She has favorite toys and even picks out what she wants to wear.....kind of :).  What's been most welcome is that Naomi has seemed to have found comfort in our routine and sleeps pretty regularly these days.  In fact, it's been over a week since the last time I had to actually rock her to sleep.  She literally just rolls and mutters her way to sleep these days, finding a nice cozy position all by herself.  She is becomming a little adventurer, taking on new obastacles with fierce little determination and she loves her bath times. 

One thing that we noticed right away as we were taking these pictures is that our little Naomi is a little bundle of wonder that is sometimes hard to direct - as evident in the pics of her rolling over and grabbing her feet or snatching up her toy and munching away.  Let's just say our little 4 month photo shoot was a little more of a mess.  But it is the best kind of mess :).  

Thank you Naomi for another wonderful month and thank you for all the smiles and laughter.  Mama & Papa love you.