Conversations with Naomi

It's a cognitive thing, as Nadia has taught me.  Naomi is going through many different stages of development.  One of my favorites is without a doubt when she decides to exercise her vocals.  What's amazing about this is that she really is trying to have a conversation, or at the least, convey something to us in the best way that she can.  It's not only precious, but can be very amusing to see her trying with all her might to tell us something.  She can even put up a protest now if she doesn't quite like something.  But there is also the little laughs and giggles of approval that she gives us.  

Those are the best moments.  I can't believe that one day these bits of chatter that Naomi offers us now will turn into flowing sentences.  Man....watching her grow is something I can't really put into words.  I find myself sometimes just marveling at her when she is nursing with Nadia or when I'm just watching her sleep.  She really is this little bundle of life, dependant on us, learning from us, and trusting us.  Words can't explain how much we love her.