Bumps in the road

As this blog steadily grows and starts to take on it's shape, my wife had an interesting observation of how everything is starting to form.  She said something to the effect that maybe I should shed a little more light on the not-so peachy stuff.  Meaning that every thing on this blog paints an almost perfect picture.  As if our journey so far with Naomi hasn't come with it's challenges.  And I get this.  I get that I've created a platform here that offers a looking glass into the life that is our little family.  I get that there has been many bumps in the road since Naomi has been born.  Has there been challenges?  With out question.  I guess when I set out to archive Naomi's life from birth, and even further back to when this blog was formed when we first learned that we were pregnant, I acted on an impulse.  An impulse that was sparked with loving motivation to express how I feel about this life that has somehow revealed itself to me.  Hence, the "happy-hubby" name.  I guess I could put some focus on the trials.  It would make for some grounding in reality.  Life is never perfect.  But what I want to say through all this, or at least what I am trying to convey, is that this is what I see.  Even if it is through my own happy distorted point of view, this is what I see happening.  I don't want to dismiss the harder moments and perhaps I will be a little more forthcoming with all the efforts involved in being the best parents we can be.  Maybe that will offer a little more authenticity to the words I write.  But however I form these memories, what's always going to resonate is that this is all a dreamy reality in my mind.  I have this amazing wife and daughter, two akwardly compatible little scruffy dogs, and a career that I never thought possible.  How could this painting 'not' be formed with the most possitive of strokes?  Regardless, the life I live with my wife is like driving on a highway with a vast and rich horizon in front of us.  We have a warm breeze flowing through the open windows and the occasional bump in the road that just makes us hold hands even tighter as we continue pushing forward, following our future.  We've even picked up a few little passengers along the way ;).

Okay Nadia, let's see if I can take your advice :P