Naomi learns to roll onto her side

Dear Naomi,

I remember the first time I climbed a tree.  I really do.  I remember the feeling it gave me.  The feeling of freedom.  The feeling of accomplishment.  I used to imagine myself as some kind of hero.  A game I used to play was to see how far down the tree canopy I could go before having to climb back down.  I literally would stretch from one tree to the next until I could go no more.  Let's just say I could always go the farthest.  It was a baby step.  I realize that now.  It was one baby step of many that I have taken in my life.  All leading in one direction.  All building upon the last.  Minor leaps of faith.  I may not remember my days as an infant, but watching you take on these first few things, I can't help but feel so grateful to be watching you form your very first baby steps as well.  This video shows you learning to roll to your side for the very first time.  It's a building block - one that you will gather courage from and confidence to take on the next obstacle.  You're just a baby now, but seeing you go through these motions give me a sense of pride and proudness that I suppose only a father or mother could feel.  A feeling of knowing that my baby girl is growing up and ready to take on the world.  Thank you for letting me witness this.  And I will continue to do so, one step at a time Naomi.  One step at a time.