My first Father's Day with Naomi & Nadia

To me, being a Father and husband to the best of my ability is all that matters.  It is what drives me beyond my normal ambitions for myself to be the best human being I can be.  I want to set the best example I can and do all the things everyday that I am supposed to do.  All I need in this world is my little family.  That's it.  I am a very lucky man to have such a beautiful wife and child and I use each and everyday to celebrate them.  I don't normally get excited for days where I am put in the spot light.  I always ask to keep birthdays low key and even on days where I may have hit a nice achievement worthy of a celebration, I prefer to celebrate over a nice meal or day out with Nadia.  This being my first Father's day with Naomi and Nadia, really held a special meaning to me.  Even if I don't usually like to receive any kind of special treatment, this day I knew that I should just let myself soak in all the love that was there to be received.  Nadia more than outdid herself.  It was a perfect day of very thoughtful gifts from Naomi and Nadia - even Olive and Q.  Personalized Papa beer, wonderful cards, a beautiful framed picture and a great bag - but that wasn't it.  We had a nice walk and lunch with Naomi, took some fun pictures and Nadia baked me one of the best cakes ever!  She knows how much I love cake.  I even squeezed in a run with the dogs.  But for me the highlight of the day was spent taking a fun little bath with Naomi helping her splash about.  It was quality time with my loves from the minute I woke up to the moment I lied down for bed.

Thank you Nadia & Naomi for making my first Father's day so special and for showing me once again why I truly am the Happy Hubby.  I love you.

p.s.  I now get 2 cakes a year ;)