Happy 3 Months!!!

Dear Naomi,

We've reached 3 months little one! The past month has probably been the most significant in terms of your growth and ability to communicate with us.  We were definitely treated to some big breakthroughs.  You are a little conversater when you are so inclined to do so.  You and I have exchanged a nice word or two.  You are getting stronger and more curious and are so close to rolling onto your belly by yourself.  Mama has been good about giving you a lot of tummy time which you are starting to be more and more comfortable with.  Although we get the occasional rough night of helping you sleep, we've really found a nice routine that you seem to really be responding too and appreciating.  Baths are more fun than ever and we've enjoyed taking you on our long walks and trips to the park with the pups.  And although I wasn't there to see it, Mama has now heard you laugh twice!  That's right Naomi!  Your first laugh.

It's been challenging and we have all learned so much about each other, but through those challenges I see our bonds strengthening into the little family tree that is us.  If there is something that we didn't expect to happen it's dealing with how hard it is to see you growing so fast.  It is truly remarkable, but a bit sad at times too, because each day that passes we get further away from the Naomi that was just a little smaller the day before.  Seeing everything happen so fast really makes us appreciate each day to the fullest with you and take this journey one day at a time.

Thank you for another great month Naomi.