Happy 2 Months!!

Dear Naomi,

The past two months have just flown by!  I can't help but marvel in how fast you are not only growing physically, but also in your mental and conscious growth.  You quite literally soak up the world around you.  You conversate with us now too......in your own 2 month old baby kind of way. It's amazing to see how you've developed your own kind of independence.  You are not afraid to let us know when you want to be on your own, sitting comfy to yourself.  We have learned some of your favorite things, such as, our family evening walks, looking out the window, staring at lights or pictures on the wall, playing the smiling game with Mama and Papa, playing with your mobil toys, listening to your favorite songs, and you may have now graduated from bouncing on the ball to swinging away in your swing.  But most importantly, we have seen you understand who your Mama and Papa are.  I sometimes wonder to myself if you can feel our love as we smother you with kisses and gaze at you?  I sometimes wonder if you understand that no matter what window you choose to look through in life, we will always be there to protect, guide and love you.

Thank you Naomi.  Thank you for two months of love and joy.