Grandpa Tolik

Dear Naomi,

Grandpa Tolik came to spend his Birthday weekend with us and we were so lucky and happy to have him around.  Two birthday's in one weekend!! Mama and Grandpa :)

To put it simply, Grandpa has magic hands with you.  I had not seen you be so calm in someone else's arms other than your mama.  He really has a special way with you and he has taken every opportunity to just be with you.  The both of you gave us some pretty special and funny moments of laughter as you took turns smiling and laughing at each other.  I swear it's as if the two of you were having a conversation that is only reserved for Grandpa and Grand daughter.  


We thank Grandpa Tolik for spending such a wonderful weekend with us and for making Naomi laugh and smile only the way a Grandpa can.