Grandma Alla

Dear Naomi,

Some things are better experienced than explained.  One of those things is the special relation that is shared amongst a child and their grandparents.  You are going to be so fortunate to have such loving grandparents in your life that will offer you all that they have learned in their lifetimes. 

One of those grandparents I speak of is Alla.  Your Grandmother from your Mom's side of your family.  Alla is spending some time with us, offering her generous time and helping your Mom when she needs it.  I can see that you have found a familiarity when you are in her arms that offers you a warm calm.  She sings to you in Russian and seems to be the only one that can get you to like your pacifiers.  She likes to sing your name in a way that only a grandma can do and is always ready to bounce on your favorite ball with you.  You guys are off to a wonderful start to say the least.  To put it simply, all of us have been greatly enjoying and appreciating her presence and will be sad to see her leave at weeks end.  I'll have to take many more pictures of you two!

In the following week, we will be joined by your other Grandmother, Grandma Kat, who will be bringing a bag full of love to be shared with you as well.  But what is also going to be remarkable is that you will meet your Great Grandmother Liuba for the first time.  That is a day I've been waiting anxiously to see for quite some time now......and what a moment that will be for all of us as well.