Happy 1 Month!


Dear Naomi,

I suppose I'll never really get used to how quickly the time passes.  You've reached your first month as of today, literally in the blink of an eye.  One whole month. 

In this first month, we've learned many different sounds that you make.  We've seen many different facial expressions.....all of which are my favorite :).  We've learned about your different moods and seen you explore the world around you with your big, beautiful eyes.  We've seen you express excitement and joy, as well as frustration, but what matters most of all is that we've been with you each step of the way to share in all of your first precious moments of life.  I hope that we have been good care givers to you and that we have made you feel safe and loved.  And although we can officially put the first month behind us, we can't wait for the lifetime of months that we are yet to share.