9 Months! Happy 12.12.12!

Dear Naomi,

Today we celebrate your 9 months of life.  It's a unique day in that the date is 12.12.12.  You have opened up like a blossoming flower, showing us more of you personality each and every day.  You are so amazing Naomi.  The way we laugh together, play together and spend time together are things that I used to dream about back when you were still in Mama's belly.  Nothing brings me more joy than to see you smiling and laughing.   We've hit a great stride Naomi :).

One of the challenges we knew would come at some point, just not this soon, is keeping up with you.  You are all over the place like a little adventurer.  On the one hand, I make sure to always be close so that I know you are out of harms way, but on the other hand, it brings me so much pride and joy to know that your Mom and I must have done something right for you to be so comfortable and confident to explore.  And they really should think about renaming the neighborhood park to Naomi Park because you have pretty much claimed it as your own.

In 3 months time, you will be celebrating your very first birthday!  Man how fast this year has been passing.  I have a little something special planned for that one Naomi :).  Thank you for another wonderful month full of joy and laughter and morning strolls.  I couldn't have asked for a better partner in helping me walk Olive and Mr. Q. 

Happy 12.12.12 baby, we'll only see this once in our lifetime!