Naomi visits the Aquarium

Dear Naomi,

I remember when I first took my first dive into waters like that.  I remember the feeling I had of being in another world, of feeling like I was flying.  The inner-action you have with the fish, the turtles, the ocean is something that has to be experienced.  That feeling had stayed with me with every visit that I pay to waters this beautiful.  I was lucky enough to had spent much of my youth at the beach and started swimming at a very young age - something I eagerly anticipate teaching you how to do :).  And one day that I have already marked down on my calendar from the day you were born is to take you snorkeling at some of the same beaches I have snorkeled with your Mom.  I can already imagine you swimming freely and adventurously through the coral (under Papa's watchful eyes of course).  I will surely have the camera ready for that day :)