8 Months!

Dear Naomi,

I can't pinpoint when exactly, but at some point this past month you decided to start flapping your wings.  We've seen you stand, and heard all your new baby talk.  You love roaming the house and I can honestly say that it is getting harder to keep up with your little crawl.  It's sad to see you not able to fit in some of your older clothes, but also exciting to see you growing so quickly into new ones.  You grunt.  You laugh.  You show excitement for things and you absolutely love Olive and Q.  You are a champ at the park and you've made the playground yours, not afraid to climb over or through anything in your path.

There is so much more.  So many small intangible details that I could write about for hours.  But the gist of it all is that we are so immensely in love with you and all of your new beginnings.  And I know that you love us too.  I think my most favorite happening from this past month is for the first time, you leaned in to give me and Mama a kiss.  It was quite literally a melting moment for us.  My other favorite thing, walking in the door and seeing you greet me or your Mom with so much happiness and unfiltered joy.    We've learned so much about who you are, but you've also helped us learn so much about ourselves.  And just when we thought we had this whole love thing figured out, you taught us to never put a boundary on it, because it grows with each passing day, if that's even possible.  

Thank you Naomi.  Thank you for another amazing month and for showing us so much more of you.