Naomi's first flight

The luggage:  1 large suitcase, 1 very full diaper bag, 1 camera bag, boppy pillow, stroller, car seat, play pen, 1 garment bag, and 1 baby Naomi.

So we braved our first travels with Naomi.  A journey that took clear across the country to a place we've never been before - Philadelphia.  More than 5 hours in the air each way, that proved to be a grand challenge, but an exciting one at that.  We did our best to entertain Naomi on the plane.  Getting her to nap was almost impossible, and changing a diaper in a bathroom that you can barely move in is a whole other topic.  But all that aside, these memories will stay with me in the most possitive of ways because we were together, traveling for the very first time as a little family.   

Our lovely neighbors and friends Cory and Emily were our reason for this trip.  We were there to share in witnessing them becoming husband and wife.  I was honored to serve as one of the Groom's men for Cory.  It was a joyous and beautiful occasion whom we not only feel so fortunate to have been there, but to have been there with our little Naomi.  Traveling with a baby (at the time 6 and a half month old baby) presents every type of excercise in patience for a parent that you are probably imagining.  How did Naomi do?  To be honest, she did a lot better than her parents.  She was every bit the champ that we could of hoped for during our quick weekend excursion, but it wasn't absent of bumps.  We knew that naps would be a challenge and the usual activities that Naomi is so used to doing at home.  After all, we had no swing to put her to sleep in, no rooms that she is used to like her nursery, and ultimately every routine que that we offer her on a daily basis had to be some how reimagined in the best way we could provide for 3 days.  I can say that it was definitely a team effort for all three of us :).  I couldn't be more proud of how she soaked in the new environment just as we did.  

Philly is a beautiful city.  Rich in history.  We spent our one free day roaming the downtown scene, and visiting the landmarks.  We even ran up and down the stairs that 'Rocky' himself ran up in the movie Rocky.  As much fun as the trip was, I think it's safe to say we'll reserve any future long trips for when Naomi is a little older.   And who knows, we may even bring Olive and Q along next time......just kidding.