7 Months!

Dear Naomi,

Wow.  What a month.  The picture above I think says it all.  The past month introduced us to so many firsts, none more noticeable than you starting to stand.  What's crazy is how fast everything happened.  One minute we were rejoicing in you learning to crawl and sitting up with ease, to one day just popping up to stand like you had been doing it behind our backs for weeks.  It is such a remarkable thing to see you becoming so capable and determined.  I can only imagine what's next, although I bet my imagining will only last a short while as soon you will be walking, talking and reaching for the sky.  We love to engage with you in your baby talk and often have conversations with you, even if we don't know exactly what you are trying to say.  It was also a month full of other firsts.  You had your very first airplane ride, traveling across the country to Philadelphia and touched the ocean with your feet for the very first time - both of which will be receiving their very own posts as well.  And we've also been introduced to a not so fun and challenging first....teething.  But that's a whole other story all together :)  

Your laughter and smiles are a welcome and frequent presence for us which light up our days like nothing else can.  Thank you Naomi for a month filled with so many remarkable milestones.  Here's to a next month full of more.