Boy or Girl?

Today we visited the doctor for a routine check-up and ultrasound, and we were also treated to the answer to the big 'boy' or 'girl' question.  But!........we told the Doctor not to tell us.  Why?  Because we have a much funner way to reveal you than just being told.  We had the Doc write down on a small piece of paper the answer and place it in an envelop.  The next step is to take that sealed envelop to our favorite baker, where they alone will open the envelop and bake us a very special cake.  The cake will be covered in yummy white frosting and filled with strawberries for a girl, or blueberries for a boy.  When we cut into it, we will find out!  We plan on sharing the experience with all of our friends and family with a nice little video that I will prepare soon after to reveal to the world if we will be the proud parents of a beautiful little girl, or a handsome little boy.