The stroller dillema


Dear Baby,

If only you could see how much fun I am having reviewing all the gear that we will need to make you feel right at home.  My current project - strollers!  Amongst the many, I have narrowed it down to the Bugaboo, OrbitBaby, and Bob.  Wish I could read your mind to know what you would prefer, but I guess when you picture all the wonderful places we'll see together, I can promise you that you will be cozy, safe and riding in style :).  I look forward to our walks in the park with you Mom and putting the coffee holder to use while the shocks of your stroller gently absorb the pavement and the rain shield you will have protects you from the light drizzle.  Okay, maybe no drizzle since I doubt we will take you out in the rain, but you get the idea.  Fun, fun, fun.