It all starts with a seed


When I first saw this image, I was at the receiving end of a text. My wife was with the doctor, and little did she know that she would be given an ultrasound to determine if a seed is present. Even upon hearing the amazing news that she was pregnant the first time, I was in my car, hundreds of miles from my wife, and she expressed to me over the phone her astonishment and simultaneous joy at the discovery that she was pregnant with our first child. Were we certain? 3 pregnancy tests were trying to assure us so, but we still wanted to be for certain. The image above reflects the very first glimpse that we both have had of our child to be. I can't begin to explain what I feel. To know that I will experience this with my soul mate seems grander than anything in this world.

And so, this blog is born. This is my own seed that I plant into this world. I want this to be a voice of our experience as we go through this journey together. I want this blog to be a window into such an amazing life I am living with the woman of my dreams. After all, if something is so dear and precious, why would I want to conceal it from the world other than to protect it? This is the first post. This is the seed of many to come. This is the window that I share with you.