A big day for papa...

Dear Naomi & Mila,

One day, when you two are old enough to understand, I hope that you will look back at these days and know just how hard your Mother and I have worked to provide the very best that we can for you.  Both your Mother and I work equally hard.  Her days spent trying to find the impossible balance of giving both of you her undivided attention and mine are sadly spent taken away from you when all I want is to spend every minute with you girls.  Today however, was a very good day for Papa - a very good day for our little family.  A reminder that working hard towards something is important and offers reward.  I may never get back the hours that I have to spend working, but as a father, I never want to fail you girls when it comes to my daily duty of making sure you have a comfortable roof over your head and plenty of food to eat.  I never want you girls to feel as though you are not safe.  I hope that the small bits of time that we do get together to play and to laugh gets engraved so deeply in your memories that you don't remember all the times having to wait for me to get home as I sit in traffic or leave quickly in the morning because I am running late for work.  I hope that what you remember more is me walking through the door as I get home and given you a warm embrace, not me walking out as I leave.  I hope that what you remember and take from these days is the astounding love that your Mama and Papa have for you both, that the sacrifices we made show just how much we care for you.  I look forward to that day.  I look forward to talking to you and sharing my memory of these days - being proud for all the effort your Mother and I have put in to ensure better days for you girls.  I look forward to laughing and even crying about it :) - all, because we love you girls so much.



Strawberry fields forever

crib time


In our deepest hopes and dreams, we never dreamed of the possibilities a second little girl would offer to our lives - and even more importantly, to Naomi's. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly find any more love to give from my heart.....these two happen.